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How to Find Free Online Time Clock Software

Anuko Time Tracker

One of the best free online time clocks that you can use for your business is Anuko Time Tracker. It is installed as a web-based system, which makes it easy for your employees to use, no matter where they are at. This opens up the door for telecommuting for work. You can be the host of the software, or the Anuko company will host it for free, for up to 5 employees. With this software, you can track time based on projects or tasks, and keep detailed notes and reports for the benefit of you and your employees.


CKZ Time Clock

For those who are Windows users, the CKZ Time Clock is another free time clock software option. It is free for those who have three or less employees. With this software, you can also utilie payroll reporting, monitoring of employees in real time by checking time and attendance, as well as tracking vacation, sick days, and holiday pay. If you find that you need more out of this software, including stricter security, you can upgrade for a low price. If you have a business which requires tracking more than 3 employees, you can upgrade as well.



Kimai is much more accessible for users, as it is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can download this free online time clock software as either a web-based service, or as single user software that is downloaded straight onto the computer. When your employees use this service, it will track their time and then organize it for you, the employer, based on the customer, project, and actions taken by the employee. If necessary, you can print these time sheets out easily as well. It is simple to use, so that there is no confusion when using this employee time tracking software.


Open Time Clock

The name Open Time Clock may be misleading, as it is not an open-source software. Instead, the basic version of this software, which is free, offers the foundations for online employee time tracking. You will be able to see when your employees time in and time out, and conduct payroll calculations. You can do this for as many employees as necessary, and you will be given mobile access. For those who are willing to pay for it, the paid version comes with reporting and web-camera monitoring and functionality.


PHP Timeclock

One of the most well-known online time clock software available for businesses is PHP Timeclock. It has not seen a major update since 2006 BUT it’s basic functionality is perfect for businesses who only need to monitor employee time in and time out, vacation times, and any breaks. You can still group employees by department or project, and you will be alerted to any changes to an employee’s time card. In order to make this transparent, both employers and employees can view the time card for themselves to ensure that everything is being paid fairly and equally.

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