How to Encourage Your Employees to Be the Best They Can Be By Settling a Good Example

Owning your own company is difficult. Whether you are a one person team or group of 10+, there are countless challenges that running a successful business. From accounting to human resources to employee moral, there seems to always be something going on. One thing we have noticed, especially when dealing with bigger groups, is that stronger teams seem to be more efficient and overall happier than offices where the employees don’t communicate or don’t get along. For this one reason, it’s important that as the boss and leader you put forth your best foot in every way possible. It can be some sort of team building activity like intramural sports or Friday night trivia at a local restaurant. Here a a few things we suggest of you so that your team and employees enjoy what they do not because of the paycheck, but because they feel good.

Encourage Physical Activity

  • One of the hardest parts of working in an office environment is getting enough physical activity. If you can, maybe get a basketball hoop or other simple sports setups somewhere outside for employees to play around sometimes. Other ideas could be a company wide fitness challenge where everyone tracks their activity and compares it. It shouldn’t be a competition, but more of a group encouragement act. The more people that participate, the more they’ll bond. Anything to bring people together and get them moving.

Eliminate Company Supplied Junk Food and Replace it with “Super Snacks”

  • A lot of companies and offices supply snacks and beverages for their employees to munch on throughout the day. This is fine, but anything high in sugar or fat is going to equate in a late day energy crash. Instead, try to supply them with brain foods like dried fruits, nuts, granola, fresh fruits, and plenty of cold water. If you want to take it even a step further, you could offer to buy anyone that is interested vitamins and supplements from Life Extension. They have special packages designed to help brain function, go check them out.

Participate with Everybody Else

  • You are the head of the company, which means if you don’t put forth your best efforts in making a strong and happy team, your employees won’t be motivated to put forth theirs either. Find time in your day to go play some basketball, make sure you actively participate in the fitness challenge, be the captain of any intramural sports. Essentially, create a happy team by being a happy boss. The better the overall work environment, the better the employees will feel and the better their work will be; it’s a true trickle down effect.

Like we mentioned at the top, owning a business has it’s own challenges when you don’t have a staff. Add in the stress of employees not getting along and you might start feeling like their parent as well. For this reason alone, it’s worth trying at least one of the above mentioned activities to create a strong and friendly team ethic.