Online Time Clock Supports Multi Users

Online Time Clock Supports Multi Users

Online time clocks are web-based software systems that support multi-users from different locations (or one central location). Employers can track individual employees and projects with a high degree of security and economy.


Online time clocks use web servers so that the individual companies do not have to install the software on their servers. Updates are free and installed after passing extensive testing at the software supplier’s installations. However, certain add-ons may be downloaded to the employer’s server if desired. With most providers, there are no setup, maintenance or installation fees. Often, human resource managers are given technical support at no charge.


Online time clock systems are ideal for firms with decentralized locations, multi-time zone clocks to deal with or employees who work from home. Security systems are in place to prevent fraud. Only authorized computers are allowed to sign in employees, and administrators may block all others.


Online time clock systems are superb for calculating employee time and attendance from any network workstations designated by the employer whether from one location or multi-locations across different time zones. Normal job rates and overtime are calculated for an employee’s payroll period. Shift differential pay can also be calculated. Employees may punch in on new jobs at a different pay rate and have this calculated by the system software with no problems. Frequently, the information is backed up daily and stored for an indefinite period. Inactive employee’s records are also stored.

Online Time Clock Supports Multi Users


Even with all its advantages, the online time clock system does have its limits. They do not calculate the payroll, withholding taxes, etc. This information may be downloaded and imported into payroll software such as ADP, PayChex, Millennium, and PayPro, QuickBooks, and others for processing.


Online time clock systems are user-friendly and easy to operate. Employees login or logout using their assigned ID punch code and following the specific directions of the program. Managers have additional options to use while instructing their employees.


Messaging is an additional feature. Managers may send messages to specific employees or groups of employees. Individual employees may send messages to their manager. All individuals may reply to any message received.


Online time clock systems are set up in such a way that hackers gain little from trying to break into the systems to commit identity fraud. The systems have high levels of security. Pages that display data require identification codes for viewing. Employee social security numbers or credit card numbers are not stored online by most services. This information remains in the employer’s system. Some online time systems support biometric fingerprint reader support and bar-coded employee badges. Biometric fingerprint systems may be used where many different employees punch in from one biometric reader, or each employee may have a reader at his workstation. Bar-coded badges can be used by employers if they so desire. Nevertheless, when using these systems, the computer keyboard cannot be used as a punch-in device.

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