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Online Time Clock Supports Multi Users

Online Time Clock Supports Multi Users

Online time clocks are web-based software systems that support multi-users from different locations (or one central location). Employers can track individual employees and projects with a high degree of security and economy.


Online time clocks use web servers so that the individual companies do not have to install the software on their servers. Updates are free and installed after passing extensive testing at the software supplier’s installations. However, certain add-ons may be downloaded to the employer’s server if desired. With most providers, there are no setup, maintenance or installation fees. Often, human resource managers are given technical support at no charge.


Online time clock systems are ideal for firms with decentralized locations, multi-time zone clocks to deal with or employees who work from home. Security systems are in place to prevent fraud. Only authorized computers are allowed to sign in employees, and administrators may block all others.


Online time clock systems are superb for calculating employee time and attendance from any network workstations designated by the employer whether from one location or multi-locations across different time zones. Normal job rates and overtime are calculated for an employee’s payroll period. Shift differential pay can also be calculated. Employees may punch in on new jobs at a different pay rate and have this calculated by the system software with no problems. Frequently, the information is backed up daily and stored for an indefinite period. Inactive employee’s records are also stored.

Online Time Clock Supports Multi Users


Even with all its advantages, the online time clock system does have its limits. They do not calculate the payroll, withholding taxes, etc. This information may be downloaded and imported into payroll software such as ADP, PayChex, Millennium, and PayPro, QuickBooks, and others for processing.


Online time clock systems are user-friendly and easy to operate. Employees login or logout using their assigned ID punch code and following the specific directions of the program. Managers have additional options to use while instructing their employees.


Messaging is an additional feature. Managers may send messages to specific employees or groups of employees. Individual employees may send messages to their manager. All individuals may reply to any message received.


Online time clock systems are set up in such a way that hackers gain little from trying to break into the systems to commit identity fraud. The systems have high levels of security. Pages that display data require identification codes for viewing. Employee social security numbers or credit card numbers are not stored online by most services. This information remains in the employer’s system. Some online time systems support biometric fingerprint reader support and bar-coded employee badges. Biometric fingerprint systems may be used where many different employees punch in from one biometric reader, or each employee may have a reader at his workstation. Bar-coded badges can be used by employers if they so desire. Nevertheless, when using these systems, the computer keyboard cannot be used as a punch-in device.

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Why Online Time Clock Saves Lots Of Paper?

Why Online Time Clock Saves Lots Of Paper?

Piles of papers are getting used every day by administrators to manage the employee’s times that they have worked, while using free time clock software can track the times without using one single paper. With the new technology, it’s a great idea to start using time clock software in your company. It doesn’t just make the work easier and more accurate, but it also saves lots of paper. But, how can online time clock saves paper?

Why companies are using so much paper in the administrator’s apartment?

We don’t normally think about how many papers the administration personnel is using at a daily basis. And, something that people tend to forget, is that paper comes from trees, and trees are giving us oxygen. But, why is companies that doesn’t use a free time clock software, using so many papers?

Why Online Time Clock Saves Lots Of Paper?

They will need to use papers to manage and keep records of the time that the workers are working. Especially, if this is a company that’s making use of freelancers. For each employee, they need to have a time card, and time cards are made from paper. The administration personnel also needs to keep track of the amount of leave that a person has taken during the year, and again more paper is used to keep records.

They also need to use paper for the company’s payroll and to keep record of all the overtime that each person has worked during the month. And, all these records are normally on paper.

Using a time tracker to save on paper

When a company is starting to make use of a great, and trustworthy free time clock software, they will be able to do all these works, but without doing it on paper.

The time tracker can manage the records of leave taken, the overtime worked and the time cards that each and every employee need. The time clock, is able to do all the above things, and if you’re using one of the best software, there’s even more features that you can use to make sure that the company doesn’t lose money, when the administration personal doing the wrong calculations.

Saving on paper also means that the company will save money. There’s no reason why a company needs to spend that much money on buying paper, if they can just make use of a great free time clock software. Just think about the chaos, if some of those paperwork get lost. Then the personnel needs to do everything over again. While with a time clock, the computer will have all the information, even if something gets lost.

Companies are normally using lots of paper by the administration personnel. This is because of all the duties that the personnel needs to do, and the things that needed to be tracked. But, if you’re having a large company, and wants to be more eco-friendly and wants to save on using paper, then the only thing that you can do is by making use of a free time clock software that will do all the work for you, without using more about using papers in business on :

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Top 2 Online Time Tracking Software

Top 2 Online Time Tracking Software

If you have your own business or large company, you most definitely must think about using an online time clock software to manage your employees working time online. This is a great way to manage your employees working hours because these software doesn’t make mistakes, and you can save lots of time with managing paper work.

If you’re looking for an online time tracking software, then you should have a look at these two great software that you can use. This is the two top online time tracking software on the market at the moment.

Top 2 Online Time Tracking Software

Replicon TimeBill

If you’re looking for the best possible online time clock software for your company, then Replicon TimeBill is your answer. This is the number one online time clock software at the moment and is really trustworthy and reliable.

The great thing about using this software, is that you can have a free trial to see if this software is the best software for your company. This software has lots of great features, like the:

  • Automatic time capturing,
  • It has multiple billing rates,
  • It has offline and online time tracking features,
  • Great employment database,
  • And, overtime calculation.

If you’re impressed with the free trail and you want to start using this software permanently, you need to pay a fee, but the fee is reasonable and not expensive at all. Especially, if you’re taking in consideration how much time this software is saving you and the fact that this software is much more accurate than when you doing the calculations.

Time doctor

The second best online time clock software at the moment is the Time doctor. Time doctor is still quite new, and was founded in 2011. If you’re looking for an online time software that will be easy to understand and to use and that’s accurate, then Time doctor is your answer.

Time doctor also has a free trial that you can use to see if this software is perfect for your company. Each company has different needs, and you need to find the software that’s perfect for your company’s needs. The Time doctor software has also great features that’s making this one of the best software to use. Some of the features include;

  • It has billable and non-billable hour features,
  • A great employee database,
  • Mobile time tracker features,
  • Vacation and leave tracking,
  • And, overtime calculations.

This is a really great online time clock software, that’s not expensive at all. If you’re tired of doing your time tracking yourself, and hate all the paperwork, then you should consider using Time doctor. This is the easy way of tracking the time worked by your workers.

Every company with many employees needs to make use of a time tracker to be able to manage their time that they have worked. And, doing it manually can take up a lot of time and waste many papers. However, if you’re making use of any of these two online time clock software, you will be able to track all your employee’s time, easier and faster with fewer errors.

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Manage Your Tasks with the Help of Web Based Scheduling

Manage Your Tasks with the Help of Web Based Scheduling

With our technology getting more modern by the day, using online employee scheduling, is getting quite popular among large companies. This is so much better to start using a time clock for your business. Making use of an online time clock will let you manage your task better and more efficient. Here’s some things that you need to consider when you’re thinking about changing to the online time clock for your business.


One of the reasons why using an Online employee scheduling among companies is getting so popular is because when you manage your tasks using this software, you’re going to use less paper.

Manage Your Tasks with the Help of Web Based Scheduling

So many companies are trying to be more eco-friendly and making use of these online time clocks, will save a lot of paper. And, we all know that saving paper means saving trees. The first thing that a company can do when considering going more eco-friendly is to make sure that they are using less paper than before. Using an online time clock, will make sure that you’re still managing all your tasks and control the time that your workers are working, without any paperwork.for further details about eco-friendly visit :

Work more accurate

We all know that managing the time clock on paper, there will be a great chance of errors and mistakes. This is because humans can make mistakes. However, if you’re working with the online employee scheduling, the computer will calculate the hours worked. There will be fewer errors and mistakes.

Making use of the online time clock, will make sure that you work more accurate and you will be able to manage your tasks better. There’s many things that you need to be aware of when you’re calculating and manage the time worked of the employees, and using an online time clock, will let you finish faster and most definitely with fewer mistakes and errors.

Will be able to manage your time better

Managing all your tasks can take up a whole day. And, managing all the times that the employees are working can also take up a lot of time. The one thing that you can do is to get the assistance of a software for online employee scheduling.

With this online software, you will be out of the office much sooner than before. You won’t need to use overtime to get through all the paper work. This is because there’s isn’t going to be any paperwork. The online time clock will do all the work for you.

There’s many different ways that you can save time and money when you’re owning your own business. This is because of all the latest technology that we can use in our businesses. One of these newest technology for our businesses is the online time clock. You won’t have to spend hours on sorting and working through piles of paperwork. Making use of the online time clock like and the online employee scheduling, you will out of the office in no time, and your tasks will be complete and finish; this is all thanks to the new and improved way of managing the time of your employees.

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Buy Affordable Time and Attendance software Online

Buy Affordable Time and Attendance software Online

It is getting quite important for every business that has a large number of employees to have the best possible online time clock software that will assist them in keeping track of all the employee’s working hours, leave taken and overtime. But, it is also important to buy affordable time and attendance software online, and not the most expensive ones. Here’s some tips on how you can make sure that you’re buying the most affordable and best time clock online.

The price of the software

The first thing that you should think about, is the price of the online time clock software that you’re thinking of buying. There’s free time clock software, and then there’s the time clock software that’s expensive.

You need to have a look at your business’s financial statements to see if you can afford to pay for the time clock software, and if you should rather go for the free clock software. There’s really great software out there that’s free, but that also has great features, just like the expensive time clocks software.

The features offered by the software

When you’re buying affordable online time clock software, you need to look at the features of all the different software that you can buy.

Buy Affordable Time and Attendance software Online

Some of the time clock software has great features, but they are really expensive to buy. Then, there’s some of the time clock software that also has the same great features, and these software is free to use. Why should you pay for a software that has the same features as the free software?

Reading reviews

Before you start buying affordable online time clock software, no matter if you’re buying the expensive one or downloading the free one, you need to make sure that the software is trustworthy and legit, before you start using the software.

You don’t want to use a software where hackers can get easy access to your employee’s personal information. Reading reviews, will give you a great idea what other people, that have used the software before, really think about the software. Some software is just more reliable and trustworthy than other software.

Don’t think because a software is free, that you will have problems with hackers. The same goes for the more expensive software. Paying for a software doesn’t mean necessarily that all your company’s employee’s personal information is safe. It’s important to make sure that the software that you chose for your company is really safe and secure. And, the only way that you can do this, is by reading user reviews about the software.

Buying affordable time and attendance software online is the best way to make sure that your business is running smoothly without any administration problems. But, it is really important to know that affordable time clock software is really reliable and trustworthy. You can’t just use the first program that you find. Using untrustworthy software can cause more harm than good. No business or company can afford not to make use of the best online time clock software for their business.

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