Top 2 Online Time Tracking Software

Top 2 Online Time Tracking Software

If you have your own business or large company, you most definitely must think about using an online time clock software to manage your employees working time online. This is a great way to manage your employees working hours because these software doesn’t make mistakes, and you can save lots of time with managing paper work.

If you’re looking for an online time tracking software, then you should have a look at these two great software that you can use. This is the two top online time tracking software on the market at the moment.

Top 2 Online Time Tracking Software

Replicon TimeBill

If you’re looking for the best possible online time clock software for your company, then Replicon TimeBill is your answer. This is the number one online time clock software at the moment and is really trustworthy and reliable.

The great thing about using this software, is that you can have a free trial to see if this software is the best software for your company. This software has lots of great features, like the:

  • Automatic time capturing,
  • It has multiple billing rates,
  • It has offline and online time tracking features,
  • Great employment database,
  • And, overtime calculation.

If you’re impressed with the free trail and you want to start using this software permanently, you need to pay a fee, but the fee is reasonable and not expensive at all. Especially, if you’re taking in consideration how much time this software is saving you and the fact that this software is much more accurate than when you doing the calculations.

Time doctor

The second best online time clock software at the moment is the Time doctor. Time doctor is still quite new, and was founded in 2011. If you’re looking for an online time software that will be easy to understand and to use and that’s accurate, then Time doctor is your answer.

Time doctor also has a free trial that you can use to see if this software is perfect for your company. Each company has different needs, and you need to find the software that’s perfect for your company’s needs. The Time doctor software has also great features that’s making this one of the best software to use. Some of the features include;

  • It has billable and non-billable hour features,
  • A great employee database,
  • Mobile time tracker features,
  • Vacation and leave tracking,
  • And, overtime calculations.

This is a really great online time clock software, that’s not expensive at all. If you’re tired of doing your time tracking yourself, and hate all the paperwork, then you should consider using Time doctor. This is the easy way of tracking the time worked by your workers.

Every company with many employees needs to make use of a time tracker to be able to manage their time that they have worked. And, doing it manually can take up a lot of time and waste many papers. However, if you’re making use of any of these two online time clock software, you will be able to track all your employee’s time, easier and faster with fewer errors.

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